HULK 4x4 Deep Dish Floor Mats have arrived!

Monday, 1 Jan, 0001

HULK 4x4 is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Deep Dish Floor Mats, specifically designed for the 4WD & off-road enthusiast going off the beaten track - Part Number, HU5800.

These days more & more vehicles on the road are 4WD Dual cab utes & SUVs. These vehicles give us the capability to explore our Australian backyard even more than ever. However, this also presents a few problems - one of them being the terrain that we end up driving on finds its way into our vehicle’s carpet. This could include dust, dirt, water, mud & snow - which are nearly impossible to remove in car interiors. To avoid this situation, HULK 4x4 has launched the new 3 Piece Deep Dish Floor Mats.

These HULK 4x4 mats have a unique deep dish design and have two separate front mats for both driver and passenger side. It also has a one-piece mat for the back floor, so it protects the whole section of carpet in the rear of the vehicle and also helps to avoid movement too. The mats are made from a new TPE compound that is very strong, hard-wearing and has odour-reducing properties.

The mats are designed with a pimpled backing, they are anti-slip and won’t move around in your vehicle. They are also very easy to maintain and clean when needed. Just simply remove from the vehicle and hose them down.

Because not every vehicle is the same, these mats have trim lines on them which makes it very simple and easily fits any vehicle.

There’s no reason why you can’t get out there in your vehicle without worrying about destroying your new carpet in your pride and joy.

Simply fit a set of these HULK 4x4 Deep Dish Floor Mats and worry no more!

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